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Photo's of Hickory Withe Community Association meeting Sep. 2004

courtesy of Bonnie Turpen

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The September 2004 meeting of HWCA featured candidates (or their representitives) for the November elections.
Steve Butler Chairman of Fayette County was the representive for the Kerry/Edwards ticket. Ron Gant Chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party was the representitve for Bush/Chaney ticket for President of the United States of America.

pictured are incumbent office-holders whose terms are not open for re-election at this time.

One of several invited incumbent office-holders whose term is not open for re-election at this time, stands as he is introduced.
Pictured at the right, State Senator Curtis Person (R) waits his turn to speak on behalf of Senator John Wilder (D).
Ron Stallings Republican candidate for the Tennessee State Senate, presents his platform.
Market in Hickory Withe TN. We will need someone to write descriptions of each picture that is submitted.
A question and answer session followed, many attendees talked with these candidates one-on-one. Refreshments were provided by Fayette County bank.
A “2004 Candidate Forum” was held on Thursday evening, October 7, at the Hickory Withe Baptist Church, 17675 Highway 196 North. Pictured are several HWCA women that arrived early and stayed late to meet members and guests.
Of course there was a lot of personal visits after the meeting.

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