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         Fayette County
Mary M. Hines CPS,   Editor            -        -        October 2004


Membership Meetings

Thursday, October 7
“2004 Candidate Forum”

Thursday, November 4
Monthly Meeting

Thursday, December 2
Dinner Meeting

Pictures at yard sale
Introduction of Board of Directors (Officers and Committees)
Tax Refund
Fire Department News
History of Hickory Withe

Introduction of Board of Directors
The Hickory Withe Community Association (HWCA) was officially formed in 2003; By-Laws were established January 05, 2004. To be brief, the purpose of the Association is to promote a stronger, informed, friendly and better community. You may obtain a copy of the By-Laws for a more descriptive purpose from any officer.

The Board of Directors consists of officers and chairpersons of various standing committees. President - Terry L. Leggett
Vice President - Robert S. Turpen
Secretary - Carolyn Chalk
Treasurer - Carolyn S. Cason

Officers are elected on an annual basis at the July meeting of the association and serve a term of one year not to exceed three consecutive years.

PRESIDENT - Terry L. Leggett
I was the first elected president of the Hickory Withe Community Association and re-elected as president in July, 2004. As president, I also serve as chairman of the Board of Directors.

As such, my duties include chairman and presiding officer of all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors. I serve as ex-officio member of all committees, including Nominations. Currently I serve as chairman of standing committees: Program Committee and Advertising/ Public Notices Committee. I assisted in establishing the newsletter.

On a more personal note, I am married to Sandi Leggett. We have 2 wonderful grandchildren, both boys. After my retirement from the Shelby County Sheriff Department, I started my business, Leggett Motor Carriers, Inc. I can be reached at 901-465-7204.

VICE PRESIDENT – Robert S. Turpen

After my retirement from Sears, I became active in the effort to develop the Hickory Withe Community Association, initially serving on the committee in the establishment of the By-Laws and incorporation status. I was elected vice-president at the 2004 election; I perform the duties of the president in his absence and perform other duties as assigned by the Association. Currently, I serve as Chairman of the By-Laws Committee, Chairman of the Signage Committee and Public Safety. I am responsible for ordering the HWCA T-shirts (If you would like to have a T-shirt, please read the section below on this page for instructions).

My wife, Bonnie, and I have one child. We moved to Hickory Withe in 1998. After my retirement, I worked part-time for the town of Hickory Withe in Public Works (roads) before it was dissolved as a city. Currently, I am active in community affairs in Fayette county, where I serve on the Board of Directors of the Hickory Withe Volunteer Fire Department, Fayette County Public Works (Road Board), and am active in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

I can be reached at 901-465-7599 or

Hickory Withe Association,Inc.
Do you have a problem wondering what to wear to the HWCA meetings? Why not wear one of our shirts. Silk touch pique knit sport shirt, 5 oz. 65/35 poly blend, dark green with gold embroidery lettering. Prices below include sales tax:

Men or ladies sizes XS-XL $14.20
Men’s sizes 2XL-6XL $16.40
Ladies sizes 1XL-2XL $16.50
Caps $8.00

SECRETARY – Carolyn Chalk
The Hickory Withe community has grown tremendously since my husband, Donnie, and our son Jason, moved here in 1984. Our friends could not understand why we wanted to live so far from the city, especially since phone calls to Memphis were long distance at that time. Now they are telling us what a wise move we made.

Over the years, I remember thinking how nice it would be for our community to have a way of meeting together and getting to know one another. We now have a way of doing so each month. I would encourage each of you to come to our meetings and get involved in making our neighborhood a great place to live.

I serve as secretary of HWCA and am responsible for taking minutes of monthly meetings and perform other duties as directed by the president. I also am chairperson of the Newsletter.

I have been a member of the Hickory Withe Baptist Church for 20 years. I develop the weekly church bulletin and the church newsletter.

I can be reached at:
Phone 901-465-3845

Editors note: Anyone who comes to the HWCA meetings and who knows Carolyn is aware that she is the “glue” that holds this Association together. She is very active and volunteers to fill in at any time there is a need.

If you are interested in becoming a member of HWCA, see last page for an APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP

TREASURER –Carolyn Sulcer Cason
I have been a resident of Hickory Withe since the early 1970’s, with the exception of some career moves. My husband, Roy and my mom, Florence Byrd, and I live on Hickory Withe Road (Highway 196 North). I have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

I am an active member of Hickory Withe Baptist Church and serve as sub core leader in the Community Bible Study in Somerville. My hobbies include working in my yard and playing duplicate bridge.

As a former employee of the Department of the Navy, I served as a Budget Analyst and retired in 1994. Having this background, I volunteered to serve as treasurer of HWCA.

The duties of treasurer are simple: I accept and deposit funds received into the Association, disburse funds as required and balance the monthly bank statement. Each month, I report to the Association all activities of funds received, disbursed and the balance on hand. The Hickory Withe Bank was selected by the Association as the depository for its banking needs.

I will be happy to accept your membership dues at the monthly meetings or by mail. All membership dues received starting October 2004 will be considered 2005 dues paid for the year. An Application for Membership is included in this newsletter. My mailing address is:

Carolyn Cason
19515 Highway 196 N
Arlington, TN 38002
Phone 901-465-8687

Standing Committees include the Activities Committee, the Membership Committee, and Public Safety Committee. Each Standing Committee includes sub-committees as follows:

By-Laws- Chaired by Robert S. Turpen, Vice-President.
Nominations - Chaired by Terry L. Leggett, President.

Newsletter - Chaired by the Secretary, Carolyn Chalk.

Mary M. Hines CPS is Editor-In-Chief.
The Newsletter Editor reports directly to the chairman of the Communications Committee. As editor-in-chief, I will endeavor to do my best to publish interesting and informative issues.

As I mentioned in the editorial, I am a novice in this position. My only qualification is the 40 years I worked as an executive secretary. My greatest accomplishment during this time was to earn the certified professional secretary (CPS) designation.

Now, about myself: my husband, David, and I moved to Hickory Withe in 2000, and became members of HWCA in November 2003. Wanting to meet our neighbors in the Hickory Withe area, this seemed to be the outlet we needed. It never occurred to us that it would evolve into a big extended family…we are so happy to be a part.

Our immediate family consists of two children and 3 grandchildren.

I can be reached at 901-465-8841

Website - Chaired by the Vice-President, Robert S. Turpen. Pete Wasmund, a member of the Hickory Withe Association, is working with Robert to establish a website. This should be set up by our next issue.

Sandra Brewer, Chairman
My husband, Eddie and I moved to Hickory Withe in 1973. We have 3 children. I volunteered to help with fund raising events and refreshments at meetings so we could have fun at our meetings and to help foster membership in our Association.

The Events/Hospitality Committee is responsible for planning and implementing special events and fundraisers and the Association’s refreshments and dinners.

Last fall, HWCA sponsored a community day that included food, booths, a silent auction, and other great fun things. The yard sale held on Saturday, September 25th was this year’s fund raiser event. It was a big success..we made $1,215.00. Many thanks for all who donated items and especially to those who worked. We need member input for future events. Give us your ideas!

Currently, the HWCA has potluck meals on a quarterly basis. Desserts, cold drinks and coffee will be served at all other meetings. Our goal is to have two “hospitality teams” who will alternate planning the refreshments and dinners. Our next pot luck dinner is scheduled for the December meeting. We are thrilled that so many members helped with this committee.

I can be reached at 901-465-3758

Jane Mitchell, Chairman

I have lived in Hickory Withe my entire life except while my husband, Jim, and I were in college. Jim and I have a cattle farm on Harrell Drive. We have two grown daughters, Terry Ann and Melanie, and one grandson. My father, Alfred Hodges, was a long-time commissioner from this district. He instilled in me the love of God, family, and the community.

I attended Hickory Withe one-room school, from the first through the sixth grade. This is now the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall.

Hickory Withe has a great history dating back to about 1834. Each month at our community meeting, I will be sharing some of the history of our community.

I can be reached at 901-465-2348 or

Lawrence Sisk, Chairman
I have lived in Hickory Withe since 1991. My wife, Maxine, and I have one daughter, Erika. She is married to Bryan Gentry and they both live in Hickory Withe; they are also members of HWCA.

It is my responsibility to keep an updated membership list. We currently have approximately 120 families (about 400 members) in the Association, and and we are growing rapidly.

I also inform members of upcoming meetings and other events via e-mail or telephone; I encourage others to join our Association. As a committee chair, I serve on the Board. Also, I help set up tables and chairs for each meeting. An Application for Membership is included in this Newsletter.

I can be reached at 901-465-4540 or

Terry L. Leggett, Chairman

Cordie Taylor, Chairman
The Hickory Withe Community Association is committed to helping those in need in our community. If you know of a family who is in need, please call me or Terry Leggett (465-7204), and we will follow up on the call and present our findings to the Board Of Directors. The selection will be made based on their needs and our resources. Several members of HWCA have volunteered to serve on this committee: JoAnn Allen, Kay MacLaughlin, Jane Mitchell, Vickie Medley and Sandi Leggett.

Our membership meetings are opened with prayer…I am in charge of this important part of our program. We ask for God’s blessing, and He answers.

My husband, Bill, and I moved to Hickory Withe in 2000; we are glad to be part of this Community and have such a peaceful place to live. We have two children and three grandchildren. We are members of Redeemer Evangelical Church in Germantown.

I can be reached at 901-465-8394.

This position is open. Any one who wishes to chair this committee, please contact Terry Leggett at 901-465-7204.

Terry L. Leggett, Chairman
This committee is responsible for advertising and public notices, of monthly meetings and special events, and securing ads for the newsletter. As such, the local newspapers are utilized for notices, as well as other media means. The Publicity Committee interacts and coordinates with the Signage Committee. Terry Leggett 901-465-7204

Robert S. Turpen, Chairman
This committee coordinates with the Publicity Committee for providing notices for upcoming events and monthly meetings. Volunteers assist in making the signs and placing them in strategic places.
Robert Turpen 901-465-7599

Robert S. Turpen, Chairman
This committee encourages members, citizens, and neighborhood associations in keeping the community a safe place to live and deter crime in the area. Last winter we worked with the Sheriff concerning vandalism to entrance gates on Highway 196 and Big Bell Subdivision. On September 25, several members of the Association picked up litter on the roadways.

This concludes the biographical review of officers and standing committees. continue

In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch

days until election day on Tuesday Nov. 2nd 2004.

Pete Wasmund,
Website Manager