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Fayette County TN.
Mary M. Hines CPS,

Baptist Church
    The HWCA meets the 1st Thrusday of the month at the Hickory Withe Baptist Church.    



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Tax Refund

Fire Department News

Membership Meetings

1st Thursday every month
Introduction of Board of Directors
Cordie Taylor, Chairman
The Hickory Withe Community Association is committed to helping those in need in our community. If you know of a family who is in need, please call me or Terry Leggett (465-7204), and we will follow up on the call and present our findings to the Board Of Directors. The selection will be made based on their needs and our resources. Several members of HWCA have volunteered to serve on this committee: JoAnn Allen, Kay MacLaughlin, Jane Mitchell, Vickie Medley and Sandi Leggett.

Our membership meetings are opened with prayer…I am in charge of this important part of our program. We ask for God’s blessing, and He answers.

My husband, Bill, and I moved to Hickory Withe in 2000; we are glad to be part of this Community and have such a peaceful place to live. We have two children and three grandchildren. We are members of Redeemer Evangelical Church in Germantown.

I can be reached at 901-465-8394.

This position is open. Any one who wishes to chair this committee, please contact Terry Leggett at 901-465-7204.

Terry L. Leggett, Chairman
This committee is responsible for advertising and public notices, of monthly meetings and special events, and securing ads for the newsletter. As such, the local newspapers are utilized for notices, as well as other media means. The Publicity Committee interacts and coordinates with the Signage Committee. Terry Leggett 901-465-7204

Robert S. Turpen, Chairman
This committee coordinates with the Publicity Committee for providing notices for upcoming events and monthly meetings. Volunteers assist in making the signs and placing them in strategic places.
Robert Turpen 901-465-7599

Robert S. Turpen, Chairman
This committee encourages members, citizens, and neighborhood associations in keeping the community a safe place to live and deter crime in the area. Last winter we worked with the Sheriff concerning vandalism to entrance gates on Highway 196 and Big Bell Subdivision. On September 25, several members of the Association picked up litter on the roadways.

This concludes the biographical review of officers and standing committees.

"Withe is defined as a flexible twig or branch, and it is on account of the great number of hickory trees in that locality that Captain Lenow named the place Hickory Withe."

In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch