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Fayette County TN.
Mary M. Hines CPS,

Baptist Church
    The HWCA meets the 1st Thrusday of the month at the Hickory Withe Baptist Church.    



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Membership Meetings

1st Thursday every month
Introduction of Board of Directors
Jane Mitchell, Chairman

I have lived in Hickory Withe my entire life except while my husband, Jim, and I were in college. Jim and I have a cattle farm on Harrell Drive. We have two grown daughters, Terry Ann and Melanie, and one grandson. My father, Alfred Hodges, was a long-time commissioner from this district. He instilled in me the love of God, family, and the community.

I attended Hickory Withe one-room school, from the first through the sixth grade. This is now the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall.

Hickory Withe has a great history dating back to about 1834. Each month at our community meeting, I will be sharing some of the history of our community.

I can be reached at 901-465-2348 or

Lawrence Sisk, Chairman
I have lived in Hickory Withe since 1991. My wife, Maxine, and I have one daughter, Erika. She is married to Bryan Gentry and they both live in Hickory Withe; they are also members of HWCA.

It is my responsibility to keep an updated membership list. We currently have approximately 120 families (about 400 members) in the Association, and and we are growing rapidly.

I also inform members of upcoming meetings and other events via e-mail or telephone; I encourage others to join our Association. As a committee chair, I serve on the Board. Also, I help set up tables and chairs for each meeting. An Application for Membership is included in this Newsletter.

I can be reached at 901-465-4540 or

Terry L. Leggett, Chairman

"Withe is defined as a flexible twig or branch, and it is on account of the great number of hickory trees in that locality that Captain Lenow named the place Hickory Withe."

In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch