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Fayette County TN.
Mary M. Hines CPS,

Baptist Church
    The HWCA meets the 1st Thrusday of the month at the Hickory Withe Baptist Church.    



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Membership Meetings

1st Thursday every month
Introduction of Board of Directors
SECRETARY – Carolyn Chalk
The Hickory Withe community has grown tremendously since my husband, Donnie, and our son Jason, moved here in 1984. Our friends could not understand why we wanted to live so far from the city, especially since phone calls to Memphis were long distance at that time. Now they are telling us what a wise move we made.

Over the years, I remember thinking how nice it would be for our community to have a way of meeting together and getting to know one another. We now have a way of doing so each month. I would encourage each of you to come to our meetings and get involved in making our neighborhood a great place to live.

I serve as secretary of HWCA and am responsible for taking minutes of monthly meetings and perform other duties as directed by the president. I also am chairperson of the Newsletter.

I have been a member of the Hickory Withe Baptist Church for 20 years. I develop the weekly church bulletin and the church newsletter.

I can be reached at:
Phone 901-465-3845

Editors note: Anyone who comes to the HWCA meetings and who knows Carolyn is aware that she is the “glue” that holds this Association together. She is very active and volunteers to fill in at any time there is a need.

If you are interested in becoming a member of HWCA, see last page for an APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP

TREASURER –Carolyn Sulcer Cason
I have been a resident of Hickory Withe since the early 1970’s, with the exception of some career moves. My husband, Roy and my mom, Florence Byrd, and I live on Hickory Withe Road (Highway 196 North). I have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

I am an active member of Hickory Withe Baptist Church and serve as sub core leader in the Community Bible Study in Somerville. My hobbies include working in my yard and playing duplicate bridge.

As a former employee of the Department of the Navy, I served as a Budget Analyst and retired in 1994. Having this background, I volunteered to serve as treasurer of HWCA.

The duties of treasurer are simple: I accept and deposit funds received into the Association, disburse funds as required and balance the monthly bank statement. Each month, I report to the Association all activities of funds received, disbursed and the balance on hand. The Hickory Withe Bank was selected by the Association as the depository for its banking needs.

I will be happy to accept your membership dues at the monthly meetings or by mail. All membership dues received starting October 2004 will be considered 2005 dues paid for the year. An Application for Membership is included in this newsletter. My mailing address is:

Carolyn Cason
19515 Highway 196 N
Arlington, TN 38002
Phone 901-465-8687

"Withe is defined as a flexible twig or branch, and it is on account of the great number of hickory trees in that locality that Captain Lenow named the place Hickory Withe."

In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch