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Presbyterian Church Hickory Withe Tennessee.
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Site of the original log church at Mt Pleasant Cemetery 1834. The second building, a white frame structure, was sold and moved, it still stands and used today. The current sanctuary is estimated to be over one hundred years old and was originally owned by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church


Hickory Withe History.

Church History

Church spiritual leaders

1st Session Meeting Minutes
of Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church
December 1834
Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church was born on the fourth Sabbath in December, 1834, and bore the name of Prosperity Church. The session minutes of that meeting are shown below.

The Information above was taken from the Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church Sesquicentennial Celebration pamphlet Dec 1984.

"Withe is defined as a flexible twig or branch, and it is on account of the great number of hickory trees in that locality that Captain Lenow named the place Hickory Withe."

In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch