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Presbyterian Church Hickory Withe Tennessee.
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Site of the original log church at Mt Pleasant Cemetery 1834. The second building, a white frame structure, was sold and moved, it still stands and used today. The current sanctuary is estimated to be over one hundred years old and was originally owned by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

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of Hickory Withe
Hickory Withe in Civil District 7 about 15 miles west of Somerville has been known by three names. It was started on a portion of a 73¾ acre tract in Range 3, Section 3 that was granted to Joseph and James Lenow by the State of Tenn. (Deed Book M page 219)

Goodspeed's History says that Hickory Withe was founded in 1834 which is probably correct since this date is consistent with several deeds involving it. It was called in an early deed of 1837 'Hickory Grove' and it appears under this name on an early Fayette County map. It was referred to in one deed by both names and it was also known by the name of 'Wythe'. The nearby town of Arlington in Shelby Co., because of its location, always had a close association with Hickory Withe and the railroad depot in Arlington came to be known as ‘Wythe Depot’ due to its being the chief shipping point for the village of Hickory Withe in Fayette Co.

The first settler is believed to have been William H. Russell. Another pioneer settler in Hickory Withe was William Karr from South Carolina in 1833. William H. Russell operated one of the earliest businesses which was a storehouse and grocery business He was in business in 1837 with Moses Waddel and Isaac Killough on about an acre of land out of the 28 acres that William H. Russell had settled on under an occupant claim. This grocery property was bought by the Lenow brothers at a public sale in Somerville in 1839 (Deed H-286)

The Lenows were from Southampton County, Virginia, and were most successful before moving on to Shelby County about 1848. James sold out to Joseph and was the first to leave. Before leaving Fayette Co., Joseph Lenow was captain of the Fayette Cavalry, 72 well uniformed men who served in the Mexican War (Keating's History of Memphis, Vol I, pg 263).

Adjoining the Lenow tract on the northeast was a 227 acre tract that belonged to George M Bowers from South Carolina and on the northwest lay the land of Jacob H. Young from Prosperity, Newberry District, S.C. Jeffrey Murrell’s land was north of Young's land separated only by Edmond Potts. Nearby was land that belonged to the heirs of Francis E. Broome. The Bowers and Lenows intermarried with this family. A little to the east lay the land of Martha Dowdy and northeast of her land was that of Richard Tatum.

Another early businessman at Hickory Withe was Lewis C. Trezevant who had a co-partnership with James M Lane as merchants trading under the firm of Trezevant and Lane. Trezevant sold out to Lane in 1847 (Deed N-l 51). That was the year that Trezevant, advertised in a Memphis paper that "Hickory Withe Springs situated 27 miles from Memphis would again be open the first of June for the reception of visitors." He said that he had made ample preparations for accommodations of the public "The known healing qualities of these springs make them a favorite watering place."

In addition to those above mentioned, some of the other names associated with the early Hickory Withe area were: Micajah Thomas, Benjamin and R.C Forbes, Richard Dowdy, Henry M Pitman, S.R.B. Walton, David, Thomas, and Jacob Hare, Joseph and James D. Williams, Washington and Robert Ivey, James A, and George Thompson, Peter H. Cole, R.M Bondurant, Charles Lynn, Wm. Exum, David W. Monroe, Peterson Broome, Stephen and Richard Tatum, Jeffrey and Benjamin F. Murrell, Wm. C. Cleaves, Joseph Boyd, Willie Wright, Sam'1. M Johnson, Richard Cleere, Sam'1 C. Brooks, Pinkney Reed, Miles Turberville, Thomas Cody, EM Ford, George M Young and ELM Short

The people in and around Hickory Withe had a definite preference for the Presbyterian denomination. In 1838, Richard Dowdy deeded 3 acres for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church near Hickory Withe (Deed H-180). In 1841, Joseph and James Lenow deeded 8½ acres at Hickory Withe for Presbyterian Church. (Deed H-284). Joseph Patterson deeded land in 1850 for a Presbyterian Church near Hickory Withe (Deed Q-32. )Wm. P. Dowdy deeded a tract in 1855 to James H. Ivy, including Mt. Pleasant Church (Deed T-1 32). James W. Karr deeded land for Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Hickory Withe in 1860 - 1 acre," Beginning at the southeast corner in center of main road running eastward and westward through the village (Deed V-771). This is the property that is in use today (1984).

This Information above was taken from a clipping brought to the Fayette Falcon of Somerville, Tennessee by A.V. Luck, a life-long citizen of Hickory Withe. The sketch, found by Mr. Luck was attributed to John Lenow. He through it might have been written In 1902.

"Withe is defined as a flexible twig or branch, and it is on account of the great number of hickory trees in that locality that Captain Lenow named the place Hickory Withe."

In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch