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         Fayette County
Mary M. Hines CPS,   Editor            -        -        October 2004


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History of Hickory Withe

History of Hickory Withe
At each monthly meeting of HWCA, Jane Mitchell, a life-long resident of the Hickory Withe Community, presents an interesting and informative story of the Hickory Withe origin and history. She will submit an article for each issue of the newsletter. This is the first.

From the historian’s desk…
Hickory Withe was started about 1834 on a portion of a 73-¾ acre tract that was granted to Joseph and James Lenow by the State of Tennessee. The first settler was either Oran Knalls or William H. Russell. They were both here before 1830.

William H. Russell operated one of the earliest businesses, which was a storehouse and grocery business. He was in business in 1837 with Moses Waddel and Isaac Killough on about an acre of land out of the 28 acres that William H. Russell had settled on under an occupant claim.

This grocery property was bought by the Lenow brother at a public sale in Somerville in 1839. The Lenows were from Southampton County, Virginia. Joseph Lenow was the first postmaster of Hickory Withe in 1845. The Lenows were most successful before moving on to Shelby County about 1848. Before leaving Fayette County, Joseph Lenow was captain of the Fayette Calvary, 72 will uniformed men who served in the Mexican War.

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Early history of Hickory Withe…
A withe is a flexible twig or branch. It is because of the large number of hickory trees in this locality that the place was named Hickory Withe. The small settlement was also known by the name of Hickory Grove on an 1836 map of Fayette County, and it was also known by the name of Wythe.

The nearby town of Arlington in Shelby County always has had a close association with Hickory Withe because of its location. The rail depot in Arlington came to be known as Wythe Depot due to its being the chief shipping point for the village of Hickory Withe in Fayette County.

Article compliments of Fayette County Historical Society, August, 1996.

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In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch

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