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Presbytrian ChurchOld Post Office used until 1989Baptist ChurchHickory Withe BankOld 2 room school house. Now owned by the Presbytrian Church

Membership listing

Presbyterian Church
Hickory Withe Tennessee.
Following Is a listing of pastors whom God has used In the ministry of His Word to Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church.
Rev. Peter R. Bland 4th Sabbath, December 1834 - August 31, 1835
Rev. Henry W. Kerr February 21, 1836 - April 4, 1840
Rev. Peter R Bland November 1, 1840 - April 4, 1841
Rev. MT. Alien October 2, 1841 - April 7, 1846
Rev. T.L Newbury September 6, 1846 - December, 1846
Rev. Robert McCoy May 20, 1848 - January 22, 1852
Louis McNeely March 28, 1852 - January 8, 1854
Rev AD. Metcalf February 26, 1854 - April 8, 1858
Rev. Robert McCoy April, 1858 - January, 1860
Rev. J.H. Waddell September 9. 1860 (served as moderator only one time)
Rev. S.S. Gill January 27, 1861 - April 9, 1905
Rev. G.H. Kirken July 13, 1906 - January 10, 1910
Rev. j.D. Hemming April 30. 1911 - September, 1913
Rev O.W. Wardlaw November 28, 1915 - September 12, 1920
Rev. H.S. Henderson February, 1921 - March, 1926
Rev. P.P. Dawson January, 1927 - September, 1928
Rev. Walter Swetnam April, 1931 - July, 1935
Rev. Charles H. Hamilton June, 1939 - June, 1941
Rev. George H. Totton July, 1952 - October, 1953
Rev. Algernon Killough June, 1954 - June, 1958
Rev. Robert Hyatt April, 1959 - July, 1960
Dr. S.E McFadden October, 1961 - November, 1966
Rev. C.V. Crabb February, 1967 - February, 1972
Dr. Ben W. Baker April, 1972 - August, 1975
REv. Charles E Swann September, 1975 - December, 1978
Rev. Charles Coe October, 1980 - October, 1981
Rev. Kenneth L Camp November, 1981 - Present
Barney Owens 4 Sabbath, January, 1835 - 1835
Samuel Neal 4 Sabbath, January, 1835 - October, 1848
William Alien 4th Sabbath, January, 1835 - June, 1836
George Thompson 4th Sabbath, January, 1835 - July, 1874
William McDowell June, 1848 - September, 1867
Charles Lynn June, 1848 - April, 1887
Wilson Alien October, 1848 - April, 1850
James Matthews October, 1848 - April, 1850
Joseph Boyd April, 1852 - November, 1867
J.C Ford March, 1871 - 1889
C.V. Thompson . March, 1871 - December 1882
Dr. James W. Karr April, 1878 - April, 1905
Col. James M. Crews April, 1878 - March, 1892
W.R Ecklin March, 1880 - May, 1884
J.L Cherry January, 1902 - October, 1909
J.S. Matthews April, 1908 - January, 1916
C.C. Russell April, 1908 - March, 1941
W.A Weber February, 1912 - 1950
A.V. Luck March, 1918 - July, 1965
Wm. A Whitworth July, 1950 - Present
H.W. Morrisson July, 1950 - Emeritus
Robert C. Russell July, 1950 - Present
M.L. Webb April, 1973 - Emeritus
D.R Barkley April, 1973 - Present
A.A. Hodges. April, 1973 - Present
Wallace Keith April, 1973 - 1981
W.A. Whitworth, jr. April, 1973 - Fall of 1973
Alien W. Aven April, 1983 - Present
Terry Eakin 1983 - Present
Walker E. Wright 1983 - Present
Frank Hall, D.D.S. December, 1983 - Present

In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch
days until the Hickory Withe Community Association Yard Sale on Saturday 25 Sept. 2004.

Pete Wasmund,
Website Manager

VW-1 Typhoon Trackers
vw1pb1_25sep2000new.jpgvw-1-patch-150.gifBuno 145930 assigned to VW-1, tail code TE-6

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Pictures at Agana

VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association
Home Page No. 3
Hello, thank you for visiting our web site. This site is dedicated to all those who served onboard Airborne Early Warning Squadron One (VW-1) the "Typhoon Trackers" and their families, from its inception in 1948 as VPW-1 to its disestablishment in 1971. At that time the men and aircraft where absorbed into VQ-1.

We believe that in every Navy career, whether it be a two - year enlistment or a 30-year career, that at sometime there was one or two duty stations that stood out. For those of us involved with this site and the VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association (All Years, All Ranks and Rates) it was

Nowhere else in our careers did we feel such a sense of accomplishment, more pride in our mission or greater fellowship with our shipmates. We shared a purpose and dedication for what we were doing. In addition, without shame, we truly loved the aircraft that we flew in or helped maintain or supported in some manner. The "Connie". Oh, what memories that name conjures up.

The squadron did not always fly the "Connie" however. in the early years, (1948 until 1952) the aircraft assigned was the PB-1W. We are sure that the men who flew them felt the same way about their aircraft. It would be our wish, as you look through these pages, that you remember good times and old friends.

It is the goal of this site - and the VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association - to rekindle old friendships and revive Memories. We offer the opportunity to make new friends of shipmates who may have served at a different time; yet have the same fondness for the squadron. Finally, we hope to help support one another and our families as time passes.

Please visit the other pages and let the memories flow. When you are done, we hope you will choose to join us. Membership information is located on the "Join Us" Page.

Contributions of your pictures and comments to this site are welcomed, photos must be in jpg, gif, or bitmap formats. Please include your name, the crew and or office/shop, years assigned to VW-1 and a brief description of each photo. E-mail to either address indicated below.

Shipmate, We wish you Fair Winds and Following Seas.
days until the reunion in Myrtle Beach.

Ed and Sally Metzger
President and Secretary/Treasurer
VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association
(All years, all ranks and rates)

Pete Wasmund,
Website Manager