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         Fayette County
Mary M. Hines CPS,   Editor            -        -        October 2004


Membership Meetings

Thursday, October 7
“2004 Candidate Forum”

Thursday, November 4
Monthly Meeting

Thursday, December 2
Dinner Meeting

Pictures at yard sale
Introduction of Board of Directors (Officers and Committees)
Tax Refund
Fire Department News
History of Hickory Withe

Mary M. Hines CPS, Editor-In-Chief

This is the first quarterly issue of the Hickory Withe Community Association, Inc., (HWCA) Newsletter. As you read, you will become aware that this editor is strictly a novice…suggestions and comments are welcome. The purpose of this newsletter is to bring you information and events concerning our wonderful Hickory Withe community.

This issue includes an introduction to the Board of Directors of the Hickory Withe Community Association, Inc., consisting of Officers and Committees elected in accordance with By-Laws.

This and future issues will include items of interest such as the tax refund on taxes paid to the City of Hickory Withe and a history of this community from a lady in our membership who was born and reared in Hickory Withe. You will read about formation and future plans of our fire department. Also included will be community outreach programs supported and sponsored by HWCA.

The main focus of this issue is the “2004 Candidate Forum”. This is an important election…voters will elect the next president of the United States of America, as well as those officials closer to home…local and state offices. It is the right and privilege of every U.S. citizen to vote. The Hickory Withe Community Association is offering a program in October for the candidates or their representative to present their platform. You will have the opportunity to look the candidate in the eye and pursue concerns about various issues.

Early voting – October 13 thru 28
Election day – Tuesday, Nov. 2nd.

Terry L. Leggett

I am pleased to tell you about how the Hickory Withe Community Association was formed. We are a group of your neighbors that came together in October 2003 to find out information concerning an impending annexation of Hickory Withe by Oakland. As a result of this gathering, the group remained together and formed the Hickory Withe Community Association. We have had great times, made wonderful friendships, and accomplished much in the community.

Our goal is to share information with our neighbors that affect all of us and to help our neighbors in time of need. We meet the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the Fellowship Hall of Hickory Withe Baptist Church located at 17675 Highway 196 North. Refreshments are served at the meetings and potluck dinners once a quarter with great food, great people and a great time.

The Association began with approximately 20 members in October 2003…now there are 120 families. Our growth is due to just trying to be good neighbors to each other and in letting our voice of the community be heard by those in government who represent us. We are fortunate that we have two county commissioners as members and that the county mayor attends most of our meetings.

Please consider joining us for our next meeting, October 7th, and becoming a member so we may get to know you and your family and enjoy our time together.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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In Hickory Withe, Every Family is a Branch

days until election day on Tuesday Nov. 2nd 2004.

Pete Wasmund,
Website Manager